About our Business.


About Brown Coir Pvt Ltd

At the turn of the new millennia, a young and ambitious Sri Lankan realised his aspiration of establishing a world-class coco coir factory, manufacturing and exporting high-quality coco peat products to satisfy the increasing demand of the horticulture industry across the globe.

Today, Jude Lopez, along with his team of experts, are driven and dedicated to producing reliable, high quality coco peat. Brown Coir now hold the enviable reputation of being world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of specialised coco coir products, boasting the highest measured output levels in quality and quantity of coco coir throughout South Asia.

Working from over three strategically located factories in the heart of Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle, Brown Coir manufacture and export up to 20 000 m/ton of quality Sri Lankan coco peat per year. Only superior quality coco peat blocks, grow cubes, grow bags and gerbera disks, along with a sophisticated range of coir fibre pith and husk chip products leave our factories, offering the horticulture industry effective, reliable and efficient precision plant mediums for a dynamic growing environment.

Vision & Mission

of Brown Coir Pvt Ltd


To become world renown leaders in manufacturing and exporting cutting edge Sri Lankan coco peat and husk chip growing substrates, with their own unique identity and specialised characteristics for a global market.


To produce superior quality, cutting edge coco peat and husk chip growing solutions for a global horticulture industry, using sustainable and renewable practices. We will continue to invest in research and development of sustainable, high quality coco coir mediums by producing dynamic growing environments for the global horticulture industry, without compromising the health and vitality of Asia’s coconut triangle.

Coir Peat Quality

in the Lab

You can be assured that Brown Grow is a premium organic coir substrate manufactured in line with our stringent procedures, which meet the international quality export standard ISPM 15, to protect and cultivate your crop for a healthy, high yielding growth cycle, time after time.

Brown Coir’s research and development facility is staffed with a knowledgeable and experienced scientific team who understand the principles of sophisticated plant growth technology, and are dedicated to protecting the integrity and reputation of each and every husk we procure from Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle.

Each batch of handpicked raw materials are quality assessed throughout each stage of processing to measure optimal levels of moisture, EC, pH, density and fibre content to ensure only the highest quality, pathogen free coco leaves our distribution centres. We value our reputation and our reputation depends on exceptional quality.