Brown Grow – Cubes

Brown Coir grow cubes are specifically developed for propagation and juvenile plants. A convenient, natural growing substrate to offer small plants maximum water retention and ultimate aeration while encouraging stable yet easy rooting in the substrate for your young plants.

These organic, light-weight and pathogen free starter cubes are washed three times to offer EC and pH balanced environment and, as with all Brown Grow superior quality coco substrates, it’s a Complete Ready to Grow Media answer. Coco cubes offer our growers a completely organic greenhouse plant starter that is environmentally friendly, 100% bio-degradable and easy to use.


Specifically developed for propagation and juvenile plants

Promotes rapid dense root growth

Excellent growing control

100% organic, environmentally friendly and easily disposable

Standard sizes: 7.5×7.5/10×10/10×15 cm

Ready to grow packaging with drainage slits, plant holes, plank holes and dripper holes pre-cut and drilled

Made from high quality, sieved coco husk chips and fine coco peat with drainage slits*, plant holes*, plank holes* and dripper holes* pre-cut and drilled.

No re-wetting problems


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