Brown Grow – Gold

Brown Grow Gold Coco Slabs are your Complete, Ready to Grow Media, providing stability and protection for your plants’ delicate root zone and assisting in necessary nutrient uptake. We pre-cut and drill plant holes*, drainage slits* and dripper holes* in a specially crafted combination of coco chips and fine coco peat. Our scientific team have spent the last decade testing combinations of coco mixes to develop an environment where core greenhouse crops, like tomatoes, thrive.


Excellent vegetative and generative control

Specifically developed for tomatoes, cucumbers and small fruit crops

Air holding capacity of over 40% at full saturation

pH Level 5.7 – 6.7

Made from high quality, sieved coco husk and coco peat with drainage slits*, plant holes*, plank holes * and dripper holes* pre-cut and drilled.

100% organic and recyclable

Available in unwashed, washed, super washed or buffered*

Standard sizes:

100x20x14 cm 100x18x14 cm

100x15x10/100x15x12/100x15x14 cm

UV protected bags can be custom manufactured to suit grower’s size requirements

*Available on request, conditions apply.


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