Coco Coir Advantages

The horticulture industry is now demanding more food production from greenhouse crops per square metre than ever before. Today, it’s even more important to have a high quality, sustainable and reliable growing substrate that meets the demands of growers and plants alike, and coconut coir is the answer.

Coco fibres offer an ideal organic base for all vegetation; it’s a natural, renewable resource that grows abundantly in tropical climates and is 100% bio degradable, unlike the common media options of the past.

The external layer of the coconut, or husk as we know it, has been milled into ropes, door mats and brooms for centuries with the majority of coco waste being dumped in landfills, and then we discovered its mighty, reusable powers as a plant medium.

Coco fibres are a multi-faceted soil conditioner, composed of millions of capillary micro sponges that offer increased water holding capacity while still maintaining the crucial 30% aeration a plants root system requires.

Coco peat is a homogenous material and can be easily and safely recycled back into our environment to improve the soil conditions around us – reducing the cost of expensive disposal practices that also harm our environment.

Its superior physical properties maintain the ability not to compact or shrink during the growth cycle, and coir offers exceptional structural support that will resist decomposing during plant growth, resulting in a precision growing environment.