Universal Faster Bag

The Universal faster bag is specially developed for berry fruits & large plants.

This is also now becoming one of the most demanded organic grow bags among the cannabis growers in the world.

The raw Materials are specifically graded, washed and blended to reach the desired low EC levels and optimum pH levels for the best results.

Universal Faster Bag is fully customizable to fit the growers requirement and are available in various bag sizes.

Advantage and characteristics


Below 0.500 mS/cm (1:1.5 Dilution)


Slab packed on UV protected co-extruded (inside black outside white) plastic bags.

Individual Faster bags packed in pallets.

Pallet type can be selected by customer (Full Pallet, Half Pallet, Wooden crate,).

Available sizes

6L (20x20x15)cm, 8L (20x20x20)cm, ect.

lab size or volume can be selected by the customer


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